Professional Accolades

A portrait shot of Tilda Shalof

Tilda Shalof is a nurses’ nurse! A grassroots leader that can tell the inside story of our amazing profession like no one else can. Shalof’s wit, charm and bold honesty are a treasure for nurses and the public. Her books and presentations tell it like it is, with all the richness of being in the front lines of patient care. In sharing the mundane and the exciting aspects of her clinical practice, the most thrilling as well as the most frustrating moments, as well as the courageous and scary ones, Shalof captures the hearts and minds of those of us who are already passionate about being a nurse, as well as inspires the next generation of nurses.

Doris Grinspun RN, MSN, PhD (cand), O.ONT.
Executive Director
Registered Nurses’ association of Ontario (RNAO) 

Tilda has brought the breathtaking brilliance of Nursing to colleagues and the public through her writing.  The inspiring reality of Nursing leaps from every page.  Tilda brings outstanding expertise to her work as an ICU nurse and draws from that experience in every story she tells. Tilda has insatiable curiosity, asks questions, and seeks answers that have meaning to many of us.  She’s a mensch!

Dr. Mary Ferguson-Paré RN, PhD
Chief Nurse Executive
University Health Network,
Toronto, Ontario


FINALLY, someone who offers the profession an authentic voice that unites who we know ourselves to BE as nurses and how we articulate that complexity to the public. Tilda Shalof offers citizen and colleague alike an honest, clear and appropriately poignant depiction of what it is REALLY like to be a nurse. Through her impressively articulate prose, Tilda joins the 'human being' to the multifaceted professional role each nurse assumes and she does so with a brazen truth that is laced with welcome humour and necessary sensitivity. In a profession that often finds itself 'invisible' because so much of what we 'do' is embedded in what we know but are unable to describe, Tilda's work shines an illuminating light. Thank you Tilda for bringing us closer together with the public we are blessed to serve with our knowledge, skill and compassion for the human condition.

Dr. Judy Boychuk Duchscher, RN, BScN, MN, PhD
Executive Director - Nursing The Future
Coordinator – Institute for Nursing Scholarship SIAST Nursing Division

Tilda gives an outstanding performance as a speaker.  She seems to get better every single time I hear her. Her amazing intellect, extremely inspiring creative thinking and positive energy is totally mesmerizing.  She makes a rich contribution to the profession.  She radiates warmth, beauty, and humility… As an author, her books reflect the experience of an expert practitioner who is possessed with a sophisticated and comprehensive critical care skill set along with a unique sensitivity and perceptive insights.  Tilda provides an energetic and inspiring delivery and always customizes her material to her audience. She has a warm and humorous style that is balanced with a substantive knowledge of nursing as an art and a science; she portrays nursing with enthusiasm and leaves her audience proud of their contribution to the health system and to health outcomes. She makes it her mission to relate real world issues, dilemmas, and challenges in a practical, poignant manner while striving to connect personally with each individual participant.  I am always impressed with Tilda's ability to engage her audience, to put them at ease and to make them feel positive about their vital value and potential for making a difference. Her own "lived experience" as a front-line nurse in a busy critical care unit adds to her genuineness and credibility. Her narratives come to life in a manner that excites and captivates her audience.

Dr. Mary Lou King, RN, PhD
Associate Professor of Nursing
University of Western Ontario

Tilda is the Nurse Cherry Ames of the 21st century!  She is a caregiver, an author, and a mentor to many nursing professionals. Through her work in Canada, New York, and Israel, Tilda has captured these experiences through four amazing books that take you into the life of a nurse on the ward and also as a human being. As a nursing professional myself, I can say that Tilda successfully communicates what being a nurse and nursing is all about. 

Dr. Judith Shamian RN, PhD
President, Canadian Nurses’ Association

Tilda Shalof is an amazing professional who is a great asset to the nursing profession and beyond. She is good in putting her thoughts on paper and communicates in a manner that grips the interest of the readers. She has set a blueprint for individuals and a benchmark to achieve with her publications. I am so glad to be affiliated to such a professional and would like to thank Tilda for all her contribution to our profession and of course the overall Health care system. Thanks for your leadership and mentorship.

Joan Lesmond, RN, BScN, MSN, Ed.D
Executive Director Community Engagement
Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Tilda Shalof is passionate in her work and in her desire  to educate the public about nursing.  She continues to always positively promote her profession at every opportunity. She lives  the health care system on a daily basis and understands the daily challenges,  effectively sharing her insights as a truly top rate presenter , keynote speaker , author and patient advocate..

Tilda has participated at "HealthAchieve" , Canada's largest healthcare show,  as a key note speaker addressing  Nursing Leaders across Canada  on several occasions. Her presentations are always dynamic and highly evaluated by the delegates.

I highly recommend Tilda ; she brings  the "real life drama" of health care to her audience in a very compassionate and compelling way.

Warren DiClemente,
VP, Educational Services & Operations
Ontario Hospital Association